What is the sincerest way of saying i'm here to help?


Learn how lớn use the Find My phầm mềm to chia sẻ your location with friends and family members. You can even set up location-based notifications so you know if someone left a location or just got home. 


The Find My phầm mềm combines Find My iPhone & Find My Friends into a single phầm mềm in the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, và macOS. If you need help finding it, use search on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchor use Spotlight on your Mac. You can also chia sẻ locations on iCloud.com.

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WhenShare My Locationis turned on, you can giới thiệu your location with friends, family, and contacts from your iPhone, iPad, oriPod touch with Find My. You can also tóm tắt your location in the Find People ứng dụng on watchOS 6 or laterwith hãng thuphikhongdung.vn Watch models that have GPS and cellularand are paired with your iPhone.

If you alreadyset up Family Sharingand use Location Sharing, your family members automatically appear in Find My.

You can also mô tả your location in Messages.

Open the Find My app và select the People tab.Select chia sẻ My Location orStart Sharing Location.Enter the name or phone number of the person you want to cốt truyện your location with.Select Send.Choose to nội dung your location for One Hour, Until kết thúc of Day, or cốt truyện Indefinitely.Select OK.

When you tóm tắt your location with someone, they have the option to giới thiệu their location back.

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If you want, you can name the locations that you frequently visit:

Open the Find My app, then select the Me tab.Scroll down and choose Edit Location Name.Select Home, Work, School, Gym, None.

You can also choose add Custom Label lớn create your own name for your location. Just enter a name and select Done.

To change the device that you"re sharing your location from, mở cửa Find My on that device. Select the Me tab, then choose Use this as My Location.

When someone shares their location with you, you can choose to share your location back:

Open the Find My app và select the People tab.

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Under the nameof the person who sent you their location, choose chia sẻ to let them follow your location.If you don"t want to cốt truyện your location with that person, select Cancel.