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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest 1. A. Enough B. Cough C. Though D. Rough 2. A. Photo B. Orphan C. Stephen D. Phone 3. A. Leaf B. Safe C. Of D. Off 4. A. Prove B. Above C. Dove D. Love Choose a word in each line that has different bít tất tay pattern 5. A. Terrify B. Character C. Irritate D. Disaster 6. A. Violent B. Amuse C. Decade D. Photograph 7. A. Fascinate B. Suppose C. Engaged D. Adventure 8. A. Movement B. Cartoon C. Fiction D. Audience 9. A. Detective B. Cinema C. Mô tả tìm kiếm D. Embarrass Choose the word with the same meaning as the underlined part 10. I haven"t been khổng lồ the cinema for a decade. A. Seven years B. Ten years C. Twenty years D. Five years 11. The number of people who went to see that film increased rapidly. A. Gradually B. Uncontrollably C. Suddenly D. Quickly 12. In the early 1910s, audience could enjoy the first long films. A. Used to B. Were able khổng lồ C. Were possible D. Ought khổng lồ 13. The movie on T. V last night made me ___. A. Boredom B. Bored C. BoreD. Boring 14. I was very disappointed ___ his behaviour. A. At B. In C. With D. Of 15. We are really ___ about going lớn the cinema tonight. A. Excited B. Interested C. Pleased D. Amused 16. I ___ thrillers to action films. A. Like B. Would rather C. Prefer D. Enjoy 17. I find horror films really ___. A. Disgusted B. Disgusting C. Disgusts D. Disgust 18. There is ___ university in our town. A. An B. The C. ф D. A 19. My son didn"t go to lớn the theatre ___ he was 16 years old. A. Soon B. Once C. Until D. After 20. The film Titanic is about the sinking of a luxury liner. A. Boat B. Ship C. Submarine D. Ferry 21. My sister is terrified of spiders. A. Fond B. Jealous C. Proud D. Frightened 22. It will take us ___ hour and ___ half to lớn watch this film. A. An - an B. A – a C. A - an D. An - a 23. It was not until 1915 ___ the cinema really became an industry. A. That B. When C. While D. Which 24. The cinema changed completely at ___ end of ___1920s. A. The - o B. The - the C. An – the D. O - the 26.Actors are those who appear in front of a camera và play a part of the characters in a film. A. Persons in a film B. Scriptwriters C. Cinematographers D. Directors 27.Don’t forget that we’re meeting on ___ Friday for ___ lunch. A. A /a B. An / Ø C. Ø / the D. Ø / Ø 28.He chose a suitable position lớn put his camera so that he could take the best photographs. A. Gesture B. Promotion C. Place D. Change 29.Thanks to lớn many __discoveries và inventions, we can enjoy more and more exciting films with a lot of wonderful scenes. A. Science B. Scientific C. Scientist D. Scientifically 30.That film is only 90 minutes ___length but it is very interesting. A. On B. At C. WithD. In Choose the correct adjective. 31.I was disappointing/ disappointed with the movie. I had expected it to lớn be better. 32.Are you interesting/ interested in soccer? 33.The soccer game was quite exciting/ excited. I had a great time. 34.It’s sometimes embarrassing/ embarrassed when you have khổng lồ ask people for money.35.It was really a terrifying/ terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking/ shocked. 36.I had never expected to get the job. I was really amazing/ amazed when it was offered lớn me. 37.Why bởi you always look so boring/ bored? Is your life really so boring/ bored. 38.I didn’t find the situation funny. I was not amusing/ amused. 39.I thought the program on wildlife was fascinating/ fascinated. I was absolutely fascinating/ fascinated. 40.Did Tim feel frightening/ frightened when he saw the snake at his feet? Rewrite the following sentences, using “It was not until . That. . . ” 41.I didn’t get up until half past ten.  ___ 42.She wasn’t allowed to mở cửa her presents until her birthday. ___ 43.We didn’t have any holidays until last summer.  ___ 44.She didn’t stop learning German until the age of 24.  ___ 45.I couldn’t finish my project until Mark helped me. ___ Choose the underlined part that needs correction. 46.It was not until the teacher came that the students didn"t stop talking. 47.There is no doubt that he is a honest person. 48.My brother prefers science fiction films than horror ones. 49.It was surprised to see my old friends again after a long time. Read the passage below & choose one correct answer for each question My first visit lớn the cinema was a very unhappy one. I was taken there by some friends when I was only seven years old. At first there were bright lights and music và I felt quite happy. When the lights went out, I felt afraid. Then I saw a train on the screen. The train was coming towards me. I shouted out in fear và got down under my seat. When my friends saw me, they started khổng lồ laugh. I felt ashamed and sat back in my seat. I was very glad when the film ended. 50.How did he feel at first? A. Sad B. Quite unhappy C. Unhappy D. Excited 51.How did he feel when the film finished?A. Quite happy B. Very unhappy C. Quite right D. Very sad 52.Who took the writer lớn the cinema for the first time? A. His parents B. His parents’ friends C. His father D. His friends 53.He was frightened when ___. A. His friends saw him B. The train ran C. There was music D. The cinema had no lights 54.Where did he hide when he saw the train coming towards him? A. Under the train seat B. On the screen C. On his friends’back D. Under the seat Choose one option that best completes each of the following sentences. 55.My brother often finds ___. A. Amusing at his job B. His job amused C. His amusing job D. His job amusing 56.I prefer watching detective films ___. A. To lớn reading detective stories B. More than detective stories C. Than read detective stories D. Detective stories 57.It was not until ___. A. I phoned rã did I know the result of the exam. B. Did I phone tan that knew the result of the exam. C. That I phoned rã did I knew the result of the exam. D. I phoned chảy that I knew the result of the exam. 58.Her sister looked ___. A. Frightening when heard the terrifying news. B. Frightened when she heard the terrifying news. C. Frightened when hearing the terrified news. D. Frightening when she heard the terrified news. 59.___1999 that he began to lớn learn English. A. Not until later B. It was not until C. Not until D. It"s until THE kết thúc UNIT 13: FILMS & CINEMA * Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words6. A. Photo B. Feel C. Laugh D. Halve 7. A. Cough B. Half C.

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Have D. Soft 8. A. Myself B. Wives C. Love D. Five Exercise 1: Adjective of attitude 11. The children were by Walt Disney films. A. Fascinating B. Fascinated C. Fascination D. Fascinate 12. The actress has a smile. A. Fantastical B. Fantastic C. Fascinating D. Fascinated 13. People all over the country were by the news of the victory. A. Excited B. Interesting C. Fantastic D. Exciting 14. All the fans jumped about in when their team scored the final penalty. A. Exciting B. Excited C. Excitingly D. Excitement 15. The baby was of being left alone in the room. A. Terrible B. Terrified C. Terrific D. Terrifying 16. What a experience! A. Terrified B. Terrify C. Terror D. Terrifying 17. Don’t let the children see films. A. Horror B. Horrifying C. Horrified D. Horrible 18. We were by the terrible accident. A. Horrible B. Horror C. Horrific D. Horrified 19. His foolish mistakes all of us. A. Amusing B. Amused C. Amusement D. Amuses 20. To the great of all the audience, the actor’s beard fell off. A. Amusement B. Amusing C. Amuse D. Amused Exercise 2: Put the word in appropriate size of adjective 21. He was so that he couldn’t sleep. 22. The match was so That she couldn’t wait khổng lồ tell everyone about it. 23. It’s that Liz chose Rome for a holiday. 24. His wife was so to hear Paul had got a new job. 25. Patterson was with my present. Exercise 3: Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order lớn make the sentence correct: 26. (A) Mickey Mouse (B) is one of (C) main character in (D) Walt Disney films. 27. (A) Crocodile Dundee is a (B) famous (C) amused (D) comedy. 28. (A) There are many (B) foreign films (C) with subtitles (D) in TV. 29. (A) The children were (B) so amusing at (C) the cartoon that they (D) couldn’t help laughing. 30. (A) The woman (B) bursted into tears (C) when watched the (D) love story film. 31. (A) I don’t feel (B) to like (C) going to lớn the cinema (D) tonight. 32. (A) It is (B) a famous (C) interested (D) film. 33. (A) Hollywood is (B) a capital thành phố of (C) movie in (D) the United States. 34. (A) Harrison Ford is a (B) talent actor (C) in (D) kích hoạt films. 35. (A) kích hoạt films often (B) make young people (C) feel crazy & (D) to lớn take action. Exercise 3: put A, An, The or put nothing 36. This is easy question 37. Please speak little louder 38. May I have your phone number? 39. May I ask you question? 40. I have never seen UFO 41. Salem doesn’t like talkative people. A. θ B. The C. Many D. A 42. It’s true that rich lead a different life from the poor. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 43. Mary lives in Canada near Lake Ontario. A. The B. θ C. A D. An 44. The explorer crossed Pacific Ocean in a canoe. A. An B. A C. The D. No article 45. She has been playing flute for ten years. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 46. For breakfast we usually have coffee & toast. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 47. What time vày you start work in the morning? A. An B. A C. The D. θ 48. Barbara hopes to go to university next year. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 49. They went on a cruise down Nile và saw the Pyramids. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 50. Sarah thinks life is more difficult in a foreign country. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 51. The judge sentenced the thief to six months in prison. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 52. I’ve noticed that Spanish eat a lot of vegetables. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 53. A volcano has erupted in Philippines recently. A. An B. A C. The D. Many 54. Examinations always make him nervous. A. An B. A C. The D. θ 55. We went to cinema twice a month. A. An B. A C. The D. Some56. A man decided to lớn rob bank in the town where he lived. He walked into .bank & handed cảnh báo to one of cashiers. Cashier read lưu ý which told her to lớn give . Man some money. Afraid that he might have .gun, she did as she was told. Man then walked out of building, leaving cảnh báo behind. However, he had no time lớn spend money because he was arrested same day. He had made mistake. He had written lưu ý on back of envelope. & on other side of .envelope was his name and address. This clue was quite enough for detective on the case. Exercise 4: it was not until that 57. She didn’t write to lớn him until she received a letter from him. It was not until ___ A. It was not until she receive a letter from him that she wrote to him. B. It was not until she received a letter from him that she wrote lớn him. C. It was not until she received a letter from him that she write to lớn him. D. It was not until she receive a letter from him that she written to him. 58. The boys didn’t stop singing until their teacher came. It was not until ___. A. It was not until their teacher come that the boys stopped singing. B. It was not until their teacher came that the boys stop singing. C. It was not until their teacher came that the boys stopped singing. D. It was not until their teacher come that the boys stop singing. 59. Lan didn’t go abroad until she was 35. It was not until___ ` A. It was not until she is 35 that Lan went abroad. B. It was not until she was 35 that Lan go abroad. C. It was not until she was 35 that Lan go abroad. D. It was not until she was 35 that Lan went abroad. Exercise 5 .Rewrite sentences using “it was not until ” 60. She didn’t recover her confidence until that morning > I was not until 61. He didn’t arrive at the office until half past nine. > It was not until 62. Mary didn’t work for the UN until 2004 > It was not until 63. I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle until I was 15. > It was not until 64. John didn’t finish reading my book until last Saturday. > It was not until 65. I didn’t like chocolate until I went lớn university. >It was not until . 66. No one could leave the stadium until 2.30 > It was not until 67. She wasn’t allowed to open her presents until her birthday. > It was not until 68. We didn’t have any holidays until last summer. > It was not until 69. She didn’t stop learning German until the age of 24. > It was not until 70. I couldn’t finish my project until Mark helped me. > It was not until 71. The didn’t pay the bill until the electricity was cut off. > It was not until 72. I didn’t sleep until midnight. > It was not until 73. I couldn’t phản hồi further until I had all the information. >It was not until 74. He didn’t return khổng lồ his native village until the war ended. > It was not until 75. He was unable to lớn take up the post until early the following year. > It was not until