From a thành phố park khổng lồ a vast forest, trees deliver for us when we help them thrive.

October 09, 2020


Missed Opportunities People & would have benefitted from the Bond Act. © Diane Cook & Len Jenshel
Trees have been with us throughout our whole lives. They’re the background of a favorite memory and that welcome patch of green our eyes seek as we gaze out our windows—an activity we’re doing a lot these days.

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While they are silent and stationary, trees hold tremendous powers, including the power khổng lồ make all our lives better & healthier.

If a tree has power, a forest has even more. What superpowers vày trees have?

Alerce Trees A park guard stands among the Alerce trees in Chile’s Valdivian Coastal Reserve. TNC manages the reserve, where some of the trees are up lớn 4,000 years old. Older trees store a lot more carbon dioxide than younger trees. © Nick Hall

#1:Trees eat the greenhouse gases that cause climate change—for breakfast.

More lượt thích breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trees’ food-making process, photosynthesis, involves absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it in its wood. Trees and plants will store this carbon dioxide throughout their lives, helping slow the gas’s buildup in our atmosphere that has been rapidly warming our planet.

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Smarter management of trees, plants & soil in the US alone could store the equivalent carbon of taking 57 million cars off the road! Trees are looking out for us so we have to lớn look out for them. Older, larger trees store a lot more carbon than young trees, so it’s important that in addition to lớn planting new trees, we conserve and protect the giants of our forests like these ancient trees in South Carolina.

Sitting in the tree's shade People enjoy the afternoon at Fort Tryon Park along the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York. In addition to lớn encouraging heart-healthy physical exercise, green space reduces găng levels. © Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

#2: Trees boost our mental health while raising our physical health.

A healthy tree can lead khổng lồ a healthy you và me. A study by a TNC scientist shows that time in—like a walk among the trees in a city park—correlates with a drop in anxiety & depression.

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The good news: it doesn’t take a lot of time in for these soothing powers to kick in. You may have felt the benefits from a short walk or hike in your neighborhood. We’re drawn khổng lồ green spaces, and for good reason.