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Admittedly, levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction are to an extent related to the temperament of individuals.

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High rates of staff absence and turnover, together with low work satisfaction and high work stress found among staff group.
However, with a relatively small caseload of patients, it is not surprising that a high cấp độ of patient satisfaction has been achieved.
The results show that the " culture enthusiasts" and the "sophisticated choosers" enjoyed the highest life satisfaction (with no significant difference between them).
Conversely, every 1 per cent level of satisfaction with government performance elevates the equilibrium level of regime satisfaction by 0.4 per cent.
Despite high levels of satisfaction, three-fifths of the users who had experience of domiciliary care packages mentioned difficulties.
Confinement satisfaction is defined lớn mean that every the expression being evaluated must be visible from the enclosing method"s class.
These results are important in understanding how satisfaction among therapy radiographers can be enhanced.
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a tall structure with blades that are blown round by the wind and produce power to make electricity

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