How old is your mother?


Ever looked at yourself in the mirror & wondered if you’d look younger if you never had any kids? Anna from My Life và Kids did. She sent me a guest post about a “true age thử nghiệm for moms” explaining “even though I’m only in my early thirties on paper, I’m pretty sure I’m much older than that in life”.

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I liked her post so much, I added a few points of my own and turned it into a fancy graphic.

By the calculations below, I’d be 141 years-old & Anna would be 106. Apparently, one too many times prepping a snack of goldfish crackers on toast can age a person. You know what that means?

We’re pretty hot for CENTENARIANS.

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Now, get out your calculators, take the test & tell us your age in MOM YEARS in the phản hồi section.

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You can read more from Anna at My Life and Kids.

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