BY Kacia Hosmer

Hi y’all!

Let’s all take a deep breath together: ready? GO.

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Can you believe it’s been 35 days? Whether you’ve joined this community yesterday, a week ago or right from inception: WOW! We are so happy you are here.

And when I say we? I mean all of us. Và by all of us? I mean all of you.

Let us all say it together: We are so happy you are here!

I hope that you can read my smile in these words. Not just a smile confined to lớn my mouth & lips, but one that exudes from my entire being và causes my eyes khổng lồ squint. Joy might describe it better.

God is moving. Lives are being changed. And it is all about Him.

Another deep breath.

We’re doing this together. Are you are feeling discouraged? Send out an SOS. In need of prayer? Let us know. We are a community. We are His children. Let’s love each other hard. Let’s spur one another on towards Him.

YEOW! Let’s start this new plan together strong. Because in Him, we are strong.

Are you ready khổng lồ hear what we will be reading together? You can click directly lớn our new plan: Living the Surrendered Life, found on YouVersion.

This plan was provided an incredible woman, Cindy Beall, read on lớn hear more about her heart và her desire for each of you.

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Time to Wave the white Flag

Hi. My name is Cindy. And I’m a Texan who now calls Oklahoma home. (But please don’t tell my mother I said that.)

Just writing that down in print for the whole WWW to lớn see just goes to prove my point about living a surrendered life. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love my life in Oklahoma. & quite frankly, I would be perfectly content to stay living here for the rest of my days. My church is here. My best friends are here. My babies have grown up here. However, when I was younger, never did I give a second thought to lớn living away from my family. I imagined regular, family dinners with both my family and my husband’s family.

But all of that changed in January of 1996 when I finally surrendered my life khổng lồ Christ. A true surrender. The kind of surrender where you wave the trắng flag và tell God that you will vị anything and go anywhere và not just attend church on Sundays. In the fall of 1997, He led us to lớn leave our beloved home state of Texas và head for the Volunteer state just outside of Memphis. Our closest relative was 10 hours away. Gulp.

That surrender was incredibly difficult but at the same time, the best decision of my life.

I’m not sure where you are on this journey with God. Maybe you’ve been in church your whole life all the while not sure you really believe what you’ve learned. Maybe you lived it up for a while in your younger years & have now turned back lớn God. Maybe you have just now jumped on the Christianity path & don’t have enough hours in the day khổng lồ learn & implement what you believe God wants you lớn learn và implement.

Been on all three paths and probably more.

The world is a wonderfully awful place to lớn live. It will make you promises that it cannot keep. I have learned this the hard way. But there is One who will not let you down. He will not forsake you. He will stand by you. He will carry you when you are weak. He comfort you when you are sad. And if you dare khổng lồ let Him, He will give you the most abundant life you ever dreamed having. But there’s one catch.

You have to lay it all down. All of your hopes and dreams have khổng lồ be surrendered. Because although you may think your hopes and dreams are outstanding và will bring you happiness, I can assure you that God’s hopes & dreams for your life are greater (Jeremiah 29:11).

So, lay it down. Your life, that is. & watch the power of God turn the mediocre into the extraordinary.

:: :: ::

Are you ready!? Just a few details for y’all!

1. You can continue reading the Soul Detox plan alongside Living the Surrendered Life.

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2. Each day a new post can be found right here at for you to bình luận with questions, discussion questions, challenges, verses from His word, etc. This site is about Him; this site is for y’all. 

3. Still confused about how lớn find the plan we are reading together? Head over lớn the How? page with step-by-step details on how lớn find and join us on our new reading plan!

4. If you use twitter or instagram, don’t forget to lớn post with the hashtag!

5. Have we told you how honored we are to be reading with you? Have we told you how in awe we are of how He is moving? We are. Oh y’all, we really, really are.