5 Lanschool Features You Can'T Miss


The 2020 back-to-school season has come with a different phối of priorities — và very few concrete expectations for how the year will unfold. Without knowing how the Covid-19 pandemic will shape learning và student safety throughout the year, educators are doing their best lớn prepare for anything, whether students will be returning lớn the classroom, continuing khổng lồ learn remotely, or engaging in some combination of the two models.

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Over the past few months, many of our customers have expressed they were happy to lớn discover thuphikhongdung.vn can be used as a helpful tool for supporting digital lessons both in the classroom & while distance learning. As you plan for this unconventional school year and beyond, here are five thuphikhongdung.vn features teachers say have helped them guide more meaningful digital learning experiences for their students:

Messaging helps teachers personalize learning.

As teachers try to lớn personalize lessons for each student, it’s important students can communicate their progress or questions that arise as they work. thuphikhongdung.vn’s Messaging feature enables teachers to chat with students one-on-one or as a class, guiding & personalizing the learning experience.

Messaging is a great way to share one-on-one feedback with students or lớn send out reminders to lớn the entire class without distracting them from the task at hand. With messaging, teachers can help students focus on the right material at the right time. The more teachers have insight into each student’s questions and pace of work, the more they’re able to lớn personalize lessons with supplementary learning or skill practice.

Raise Hand increases student engagement.

One of the biggest distance-learning challenges teachers tell us they face is keeping a daily connection with students, many of whom are not consistent at using email. thuphikhongdung.vn’s Raise Hand feature enables teachers khổng lồ easily identify when students need assistance, allowing them to guide learning in a more timely và effective way.

This is particularly useful when students are learning remotely, but it can also be a helpful feature during in-person learning. Not only can students discreetly notify their teacher when they’ve finished their work, but less-confident students can also ask questions or request help without having lớn speak up in front of the entire class. This crucial feature helps teachers answer questions and keep students engaged in their learning.

Show Teacher makes blended learning easier.

Modeling is a key component of learning, whether the teacher is walking students through a math concept or another technical task. The Show Teacher feature broadcasts the teacher’s screen to lớn all devices in the class so students can follow along as the teacher models the task at hand.

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In the classroom setting, this can take the place of a whiteboard or projector, helping students grasp concepts more deeply và quickly. In remote teaching situations, this function becomes even more powerful, as it can enable real-time or “synchronous” learning khổng lồ keep classes connected. The Show Teacher feature is currently in beta và we’re excited khổng lồ release it to all customers soon. If you’d lượt thích early access, just let us know.

Screen Monitoring helps teachers guide student progress.

When students are all working on their own devices, teachers need digital tools that enable them to kiểm tra on each student’s progress. Without thuphikhongdung.vn, this usually means walking around the room to glance at kids’ screens, which only gives teachers a moment of context lớn figure out how everyone is doing. With thuphikhongdung.vn, teachers can use the Thumbnail and Fullscreen Monitoring features lớn see in one place what all their students are working on.

This is crucial for recognizing when a student has hit a roadblock or has misunderstood the assignment. Being able khổng lồ pro-actively guide that student back to the right path can save the student time và energy & help them avoid unnecessary frustration. It can also help teachers get a better sense of each student’s working style. All these benefits are important in the classroom, but even more so when students are learning remotely.

Conferencing Connectivity enables synchronous learning for better student outcomes.

The global pandemic led many schools lớn switch to lớn asynchronous remote learning, meaning students worked largely independently rather than being taught in real time. As educators have since expressed to us, this isn’t the best way to support student outcomes over the long term. thuphikhongdung.vn makes working with conferencing tools like Google Meet & Microsoft Teams easy so teachers can implement a combination of synchronous & asynchronous learning if students are working from home. In a hybrid setting, thuphikhongdung.vn Air used alongside a conferencing tool can also enable teachers khổng lồ stay engaged with students who are schooling from trang chủ or elsewhere outside the classroom.

Transitioning Back khổng lồ School

In these uncertain times for education, the best approach you can take is to be prepared for whatever the school year may bring. The rapid adoption of blended learning is a defining moment in education và will impact how learning takes place moving forward. Whether you’re interested in cloud-based, self-hosted, or a combination of the two solutions, thuphikhongdung.vn’s classroom management software can help.

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