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YearComputational fluid dynamics analysis of the heat transfer & pressure drop of solar air heater with conic-curve profile ribs
292019Augmented heat transfer and friction investigations in solar air heater artificially roughened with metal shavings
212019Experimental & numerical investigation of transport phenomena & kinetics for convective shrimp drying
192019Analytical predictions of exergoeconomic performance of a solar air heater with surface roughness of metal waste
142021Thermohydraulic performance và entropy generation of a triple-pass solar air heater with three inlets
52021Enhancement of exit flow uniformity by modifying the shape of a gas torch to lớn obtain a uniform temperature distribution on a steel plate during preheating

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42018Numerical Analysis of Additive Behavior in a Gate Channel during the Injection Molding of Polymer Composites
22019Improvement of the steel-plate temperature during preheating by using guide vanes lớn focus the flame at the outlet of a gas torch
22019Enhancement of Mixing and Temperature Distribution of Steel Pipes inside an Annealing Furnace by Adopting a Modified Inlet Structure
22018New thiết kế of a hot mixing chamber for lowering its surface temperature by adopting a perforated inner cylinder
12020Analysis of the thermal performance of a flat-plate type rotary regenerator depending on the matrix material
2022One-Dimensional Modeling of Triple-Pass Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger in the Parabolic Trough Solar Air Collector
2021Analysis of Gradual Decrease in Alignment Angle of Carbon Fibers in PDMS Medium after Passing an Orifice Channel
2021Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Reduction of Temperature Difference for a Bundle of Steel Pipes Inside Annealing Furnace

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2020Analysis of Carbon Fiber Alignment in an Orifice Channel during the Injection Molding of Polymer Composites