Everyone gets a little insecure at times – and that’s okay! That said, security is a basic human need, but it’s even more important in erratic & uncertain times like these. But how can you feel more secure?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to acknowledge that a little insecurity is a good thing, because it helps us stay motivated. However, insecurity is only good in moderation & constantly feeling insecure or unsafe will not lead lớn a happy life. There are many ways to feel more secure, some of them as simple as changing your posture & some as difficult as reaching out when you’re used lớn handling everything alone.

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In this article, I’ll take a look at why feeling secure is so important and more importantly, some tips on how to lớn feel more secure.


Why is feeling secure so important?How khổng lồ feel more secure

This article is part of a much bigger guide on learning how to lớn become happy that I’m sure is the biggest freely available guide on the internet. This article contains some great tips, but you’ll find a lot more actionable tips in the section Happiness Tips!

Why is feeling secure so important?

As a child, I would spend my summers playing a version of hide-and-seek, where the objective was to rush from your hiding spot lớn the “home base” & yell “Free!” or “Safe!”. I can still vividly remember how good it felt to lớn be “safe” after reaching the trang chủ base.

As an adult, I’ve found similar feelings of security and relief after successfully extending the lease of an apartment or solving a relationship-related problem. You probably have your own examples of uncertain times và how good it was to lớn feel secure afterward.

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Noticing the good things also helps to lớn shine a light on the things that are under our control. Watching Netflix means that while you might not have control over your living situation right now, you have control over your entertainment.

Having a trang chủ means having your own safe space that you can decorate and fill with the things you love, even if there’s a global pandemic wreaking havoc outside.

5.Trust yourself

This probably isn’t the first time you feel insecure, và it won’t be the last. Sometimes, it’s useful to lớn jog your memory và remind yourself how you beat insecurity last time around.

If you can’t quite remember, that’s okay – trust yourself to lớn handle this. You’ve got this. Think of the hard times you’ve been through.

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One way to build trust in yourself is to try affirmations, or positive statements about yourself. Some good trust-building affirmations are:

I can bởi this!I am enough.I’m going to lớn make myself so proud.I will succeed today.I have the power to create change.