Do you have students who tap their pens and pencils?

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Whether it’s in the classroom or the office, there’s always (at least) one person who can’t sit still and, when forced to stay in one place, taps a pen on any available surface. For some people, listening to lớn this day in and day out can be the equivalent of torture. But there’s an easy solution, and you’ll find it at your local dollar store!

Susie Hanes from Odessa High School was struggling with a chronic pen tapper when she came khổng lồ my seminar. I work with a lot of teachers who have students with AD(H)D, & I always encourage them lớn allow students lớn funnel their energy in productive ways. Whether it’s coloring a mandala or providing quiet “fidget tools,” there are several outlets you can provide your students.

Simple, Effective Solution For the Problem of Student’s who Tap, Tap, Tap their Pens và Pencils

Once her other students saw the sponge curler, they all wanted one, so Susie put a supply of them on her desk for students lớn pick up at the beginning of class & drop off as they left.

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As Susie says, “It sounds so small, but it made such a difference in my kid’s & in my environment. Made me happy, made other students happy, life was great. Simple but great.”

Watch How khổng lồ STOP Students from Tapping Their Pencils in the Classroom

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