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As its appearance in books, on TV or the Internet, panda is usually assumed to be a nice, lovely, & docile animal. However, people may change their points of view after watching this.

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An impressive advertisement campaign

The video above is a 2010 series of television commercials (TVC) called “Never Say No khổng lồ Panda”. It was an advertisement campaign produced in Egypt by Advance marketing for the Arab Dairy Company, the manufacturer of Panda cheese – a popular brand in Egypt và the Middle East. The commercials, featuring a giant panda that terrorizes people for not wanting lớn try the cheese, have become a viral mạng internet hit with millions of views on Youtube & other websites.

It is easily seen from the video clip that in each commercial, a person is offered khổng lồ try Panda cheese, lớn which he declines. This causes a giant panda to suddenly appear in front of him, stares at him for a few seconds before going into a violent outburst then destroys everything around them, whether it is wrecking an office computer or pouring marinara sauce all over an unprepared pizza.

One example is a pair of commercials featuring a father & son at the grocery store. The son suggests they buy Panda cheese, but the father says their shopping cart is full. The panda appears & stares at the father before tipping over the shopping cart & stomping on the spilled merchandise. On the second commercial where the father with his son return khổng lồ the grocery, he is threatened by the panda enough to lớn buy two boxes of Panda cheese before they walks away peacefully.

You can also hear the Buddy Holly playing their song “True love ways” in the background, with the lyrics:

“Just you know why

Why you và I

Will by and by

Know true love ways”

It can be understood that, you will get trouble then your life will be meaningless & even ruined if you don’t choose Panda cheese. In other words, only with Panda can you find the way lớn a true love. Therefore, “never say no khổng lồ Panda”!

With a novel idea và a catchy biểu ngữ brought to viewers in a hilarious way, far different from other TVCs, the “Never Say No to lớn Panda” has spread all over Egypt và many neighbour countries. The commercials won two grands prix at the 2010 Dubai Lynx, an international advertising festival held khổng lồ award creative excellence in advertising & related fields in the Middle East & North Africa. The ad campaign was also nominated for the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, và won the 2010 Silver Lion award, became one of the few Egyptian commercials ever to win such a prestigious prize.

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Every coin has two sides

As nothing is perfect, this series also has problems however. Although a lot of people are strongly impressed by its sense of humour, many others think it is “graceless, offensive & horrible”.

To collect different comments, I have asked randomly 30 people from my Facebook friend list: “From the perspective of a consumer, what bởi you think about this ad? Will you buy the product?”. Only one girl and three boys answered they would, if they had a chance. The remaining 26 said that they disliked the đoạn phim because the panda was so violent, and would never buy that cheese. “Oh God it is crazy, nothing is delicious or tasty… Just like buy-cheese-or-you-will-die, that stupid panda is gonna kick my ass?? I don’t want khổng lồ watch such a creepy TVC anymore!”

This brought me a question: Whereas almost all Egyptian people find these commercial unique & interesting, why vị Vietnamese people feel the contrast?

The answer must originate from the cultural differences.

Egypt is well-known for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most famous monuments, including The Pyramids, The Sphinx, the ancient temples of Luxor dating back millions of years, and The Nile River… Egyptian people have gained amazing achievements, so they can be fond of intense things.

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On the contrary, the fame of Vietnam comes from “the hidden charm”. We are proud of many beautiful sights and the traditional culture. In addition, the war of national liberation has made our people treasure peace, & detest violence. Thus, advertisements that focus on the simple, gentle & graceful beauty will be more appreciated.

How to lớn improve?

In 2006, Arab Dairy was ranked the 5th of the total food exporters và the 2nd of cheese exporters in Egypt. Now, Panda is one of the most famous cheese brands of Arab Dairy, which exports in Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Bahrain, UAE, Syria, Albania, South Africa, & U.S.A. It may sound far away but we can hope in the future, this company will expand market into Vietnam. When that day comes, I think the company should care about the big differences between Egypt and Vietnam, especially the culture and the traditional customs. For example, they will keep the original idea but can make a new panda that looks lovely and acts more kindly, people buy cheese because of the xinh đẹp panda, not because they are intimidated to… If Panda can bởi this well, it is certain that we can keep calm and never say no to Panda!