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IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task card 179 with mã sản phẩm Answer:

Describe your favourite animal.

You should say:what it iswhere it liveswhat it looks likeand explain why this is your favourite animal.
Australia owns some unique animals and a notable number of animals are available here with different attractive features. I like the red kangaroo most than the other types of animals as this is the largest mammal of its own species.Australia is the land of animals. A large number of animals are found here. There are about 378 mammal species, over 800 bird species, 4000 species of fish, 140 snake species, 300 types of lizards, & over 40 types of marine mammals are available. Over 50 percent animals are unique to australia as they are not found in any other parts of the world. The red kangaroo is considered as the largest kangaroo among the over 50 species of the kangaroo family. This is one of the most popular animals in the country & mostly they are found in wild. Some of the kangaroos are also available in zoos but they love to live in their natural habitats. Usually, the red kangaroos move by forming groups while the groups are formed with hundreds of the kangaroos. The groups are formed in combination of male, female & juvenile kangaroos. Usually, the groups are led by the male members and the others follow the directives.Generally, the red kangaroos are found in the western và central Australia. They mostly love to live in a wild environment. The kangaroos love grasslands, deserts, & sometimes the prefer scrublands as well. Most of the kangaroos prefer lớn live under the mở cửa sky & avoids darkly shaded areas while some of them prefer khổng lồ live in slightly shaded areas. They lượt thích to stay under trees for the shade. The red kangaroos have some amazing capacities like they are able khổng lồ conserve water for long hours. They also could concentrate urine in the dry summer. They are able to find fresh vegetations và thus they do not have any trouble lớn live in the desert or in the low raining areas. Their population mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is more in central australia as those parts are filled with green grasses và vegetation.The ears of the red kangaroo are pointed and they are large in size, umm… the largest ones among the species. The furs of the kangaroos are brown while it is short for the males. Sometimes, the furs take a fade colour. Usually, the females are smaller in kích thước and shape & their fur colour is combined with a blue & grey shade. The kangaroos are attached with two forelimbs and they have small claws. They use the muscular hind limbs for jumping from one place lớn another. They use the tail to support them when they want to stand. The legs store and release forces which help them khổng lồ jump. The sudden release of their energy from the legs helps them khổng lồ jump a long distance and created a bouncing situation. Usually, the male red kangaroos can jump over eight metres by a single leap. The body shape for a male red kangaroo is about five feet excluding its tail.I lượt thích this red kangaroo most for several reasons. The first thing is that they look stunning. Among the other types of kangaroos, they are larger in form size and shape & can cover a long distance by running & jumping. They also have a less weight và the body posture is attractive. Besides, the furs are not harsh rather those are felt a bit of velvety while touching them. The natural pouch the female kangaroos contain can keep their kids for over five months. They also have a different feature. The red kangaroos can survive in temperature over 400 C. In that time they avoid movements & stay on shades though they prefer lớn stay under the xuất hiện sky around the year. Their communication system is also well improved than the other kangaroo species. All the features described here are chất lượng to them. So, I lượt thích the red kangaroos most than the other animals found in Australia.Model Answer 2: Thank you for this great topic. A good number of animals are available in Germany và among them, I love the mèo most. They are available across the country và people love them for their calm nature. In fact, cats are capable of drawing the attention of the people with their charming sound and friendly behaviours. Moreover, it is very nice lớn look at và cleanliness is a great feature that it owns.Cats are available in everywhere in the country. But they mostly love khổng lồ live with families. In fact, they have won the title of one of the best domestic animals in Germany. But some wild cats are also seen in streets & they are a bit violent in nature. When a cat lives with a family at home, it often becomes a family member. Actually, cats love khổng lồ live in luxurious styles. So, they are unable lớn sleep here & there like dogs and other animals. They are a bit selective in this case.Usually, cats have a grandeur look. They are available in different colours và sizes. I am surprised by the eyes when they shine in the darkness. The eyes look lượt thích torchlight and I bởi vì not actually know if they are able to lớn see in the dark or not. But they have some sharp senses. They can differentiate between your attitudes towards them. They body toàn thân filled with thin fur is really pleasurable lớn touch gently.I love cats for some particular reasons. First of all, you vì chưng not need to lớn take care of cats all the day long. You can fix a place for them where they will sleep & eat, và they will follow your orders. I am fascinated by the way they play with me. And most importantly, when my pet cát meets me, it creates a special noise. So, I love the cat.

Idea generation for this Cue thẻ topic:

"Describe your favourite animal."
Here are few hints for more mã sản phẩm answers for the same question. These tips are provided so that you could develop your own answer from the following ideas.1. The dog is my favourite animal. In fact, dogs are available across China. They look nice with a curly tail. The dogs are like the other four-footed animals and they live on different types of food. But they lượt thích bones most. This is my favourite animal for its sincerity & trustworthiness. In fact, a dog is considered the most trustful animal in the world & it is proven.2.

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Though may sound weird, I love chipmunks more than other animals here in Japan. The animal is not available everywhere in the country except some specific parts. They look different than most other animals. & I love the fur on their bodies. In fact, they give me a delightful feeling when I try to touch the furs. This is my favourite animal as it has a specific sense to giảm giá with humans. Whenever I am angry about something, the chipmunk does not appear to lớn me rather it comes when everything is settled. So, I am surprised by this behaviour of the chipmunk which made me feel amazed.3. Duck is a very common animal in Vietnam. It is available across the country. Usually, people create places in their yards for a duck. They are available in different colours và sizes. But I love the white ones most. They are larger in kích cỡ as well. I love ducks for their eggs. In fact, you might feel weird hearing my answer. The duck eggs are filled with more protein & food properties that help lớn keep me fit. But this is not the only reason. I also love ducks as they look wonderful when they take bath in water or run across the yards.4. In India, goat is a common animal. Usually, goats are available in every part of the country. They are similar khổng lồ other domestic animals. The colour of goats varies and so they are available in black, brown, và of mixed colour. I prefer goat than other animals as they are truly useful animals. They need less care but in return, they serve a lot. Goat milk is delicious và helps to lớn maintain a healthy diet. Moreover, mutton is a favourite food for us. Considering all the matters, I like the animal.5.

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In Pakistan, chicken is a common animal & I love it. Chickens are everywhere here in the country. They are small animals và mostly used for producing poultry products. In fact, chicken is a great source of energy as we take it as foods. Chicken is my favourite for some other reasons. First of all, they are easy pets and needs almost no care. But in return for having a pet, you will get eggs. This is a unique feature for chicken. So, I admire it.