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What vị I actually bởi vì as a customer if I want lớn return or exchange goods purchased in the store, but the period expires soon or has already expired? Can I still reach someone in the shops who could possibly give me information or help me? We have simply tried it & randomly called over 30 major fashion retailers throughout Germany–from Hamburg lớn Munich, from Cologne to Berlin. While some chain stores kept a dial tone on the line, others had an automated message on tape or a direct forwarding to customer service or the online shop. We were astonished that large chains such as C&A, COS, Nike & Zara only had a ring back tone. Especially here one would have expected the customer to receive an automated announcement with reference khổng lồ the online store or similar.

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This shows how differently companies khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the current situation and, above all, in what khung they want khổng lồ maintain customer communication. Even if it"s just a call–companies should not underestimate the effect it has on customers when they only hear a beep on the other side of the line or talk lớn an extremely nice customer service lady who listens, is understanding and can help. Even small gestures shape brand association. Especially now, when physical tương tác with customers is excluded, brands should be even more interested to lớn reach them through other channels. Even if it is only a phone call.

Of course it is not a representative picture that we want khổng lồ record, but it is a snapshot of the current situation. This is the protocol in alphabetical order:

Adidas Store/ MunichThe call is forwarded directly to the customer service of the online store. A telephone operator explains to lớn me that goods that are purchased in the store cannot be returned online. The return period has been extended from 30 days lớn 100 days.

Appelrath Cüpper/ Frankfurt (friendly voice announcement)Friendly announcement that all stores are currently closed, but you can also siêu thị in the online store. For questions, you can reach the đường dây nóng 24/7 & also the customer service via thư điện tử 24/7. The voice message ends with: Stay healthy.

Bershka/ CologneRing back tone. No answer.

Bestseller/ HamburgRing back tone. No answer.

Boss Store/ StuttgartThe call from the quái dị store in Stuttgart is directly forwarded to lớn customer service. A very friendly lady answers my call. She says that “A lot of people call, I guess they have time right now. The return periods have of course changed. You can get that in writing if you wish.”

C&A/ OldenburgRing back tone. No answer.

C&A/ FreiburgRing back tone. No answer.

Chanel/ BerlinThe hotline is answered personally by a lady who provides information on returns & exchanges và other requests.

COS Store/ FrankfurtRing back tone. No answer.

Engelhorn/ MannheimForwarding khổng lồ customer service from the online shop. A friendly lady explains that the return period extended if shops are open again and that nobody is in the store at the moment.

Galeria Kaufhof/ Frankfurt: (After a few ringing signals, a man answers the phone. The conversation is very friendly và helpful & at the kết thúc he wishes me all the best và health.)“Our emergency hotline center và also the goods center are always occupied. This is also because our food section is still open. In the first week many customers called, but now it"s fading. We are probably closed until the 19th of April. But that is not for sure yet. Of course the return period has been extended due khổng lồ the circumstances As soon as we reopen, everything can be returned or exchanged. Returns are possible in all Galeria Kaufhof branches.”

Görtz/ HamburgI actually reach someone directly in the Görtz branch on Spitaler Strasse in Hamburg. In a short, pleasant conversation, he explains that he still takes care of online orders that have arrived in the store và that there is no need to lớn worry about return periods và exchanges, as all periods have been extended.

Hunkemöller/ ErfurtRing back tone. No answer.

Intersport/ KasselFriendly voice announcement with reference lớn website, Instagram, Facebook. For urgent requests customers can write an e-mail.

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JD Sports/ CologneAutomatic telephone message: “The number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.”

Kauf dich Glücklich/ StuttgartRing back tone. Voicemailbox.

Louis Vuitton/ DüsseldorfThe điện thoại tư vấn is passed on lớn customer service. A friendly lady answers questions about changing exchange periods. Once the store is xuất hiện again, customers can exchange goods up to lớn 30 days.

New Yorker/ BrunswickForwarded to the central office. A not very friendly lady gives information about return & exchange period. It is extended by 14 days from the reopening of the stores.

Nike Store/ HamburgRing back tone. No answer.

Nike Store/ Berlin MitteRing back tone. No answer.

P&C/ Frankfurt (friendly voice announcement with longer explanation)The message explains that the health of employees & customers is đứng đầu priority. Therefore all P&C stores are closed. For the time being, customer service for the customer card và general enquiries cannot be reached by telephone, tương tác form or e-mail.

Pimkie/ FrankfurtRing back tone. No answer.

Primark/ BerlinShort telephone announcement that the store will be closed from March 18 on by order of the government.

Promod/ DresdenTelephone announcement: The person you called is currently not available.

S.Oliver Store/ LeipzigRing back tone. No answer.

Timberland/ StuttgartRing back tone. No answer.

Tom Tailor/ HamburgRing back tone. No answer.

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TK Maxx/ GöttingenTelephone greeting with reference và telephone number of the customer service.