I need install an Office 2010 into a relative new máy tính xách tay with Windows 10 (64 bits) with a basic Office 365 installed.

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When I try khổng lồ install Office 2010 SP 2, I get this error: "There are no products affected by this package installed on this system". Usually that means there is a newer version, so I can"t install an older version.


Therefore I have tried khổng lồ uninstall 365 & install 2010... But I"m getting the same error.

How can I install an Office 2010? I have thought in a virtual machine, but I"m afraid máy vi tính can"t run it.

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If I"m reading this right, it sounds like you"re trying khổng lồ install the service pack itself (not the full product), which is looking for a hàng hóa to update (Office 2010), hence the error message. You need the full Office 2010 installer (which may or may not include SP2, depending on how Microsoft packaged things).

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As you can see on Microsoft page, there are instructions for installing Office 2010 64-bits in Windows 10:


But by the looks of the files in your screenshot, you are trying to install a Service Pack without Office 2010 already installed, hence the error.

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The first step would be to lớn get an Office 2010 installation disc, or installation files, and then follow the steps mentioned by Microsoft:

Install 64-bit Office 2010

What you need lớn know before installing 64-bit Office:

Make sure any 3rd-party Office add-ins that you rely on are stated as being Office 2010 và 64-bit compatible. Possible backward incompatibility is why, if in doubt, stay with the 32-bit version.

Insert the Office 2010 installation disc.

Click Start, > Computer, và right-click in the disc drive where the Office 2010 installation disc was inserted, & select Open.

Open the x64 folder in the installation root, and then double-click setup.exe.

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Folder structure of platform chooser for Office 2010 64-bit install. After thiết đặt completes, continue by following the mặc định installation instructions, by entering the hàng hóa key (step 2).