Trung tâm toán tư duy mathnasium, headquatered in USA, is a leading global chain of professional & experienced Math learning centers for children aged 4 – 15. Method has been designed và developed by Larry Martinek – an American Math Professor. As an indication of how effective the system is, over the last 40 years, the Method has been applied in a number of public và private schools, as well as Math learning centers across the US. Across the globe, is unsurpassed in Math education for children.

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FIRST STEP(4 – 6 years old)

The First Steps program establishes the foundation for each student’s future Math studies and success and at the same time boosts their logical intelligence development process.

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KEY STEPS(6 – 11 years old)

The Key Steps program helps create both solid logical và creative thinking skills, strengthen fundamentals by its practice and approach to lớn acquiring advanced Math concepts.

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SMART STEPS(11 – 15 years old)

The program is a combination và enhancement between theory và applied problems, perfecting thinking & problem solving skills.

“i’m very happy because nam can vày homework by himself. Thanks to the teachers at, his learning spirit & are always good at learning. ”

“I didn’t really like Math very much because Math is quite difficult, but since I learn at, my Math have improved quite a lot và I started lớn be interested in this hard subject. “- Thanh Tung

“Although the distance is far away, I always try khổng lồ attend regularly because I have a great passion for Math & I really lượt thích studying at” – Hong Phuc

“i’m very happy because phái nam can do homework by himself. Thanks khổng lồ the teachers at, his learning spirit và are always good at learning. ”

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