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The Ontario Curriculum

We offer the Ontario curriculum from Junior Kindergarten to lớn Grade 12 in partnership with The Toronto District School Board.


An IB World School has been an IB World School offering the Diploma Programme for students in Grade 11-12, since March 2015.

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A vibrant Co-Curricular Program Co-curricular program is designed lớn encourage students to lớn develop their soft skills and global competencies.

WELCOME to lớn is the first and only school in Vietnam to lớn offer the Ontario curriculum from Kindergarten lớn Grade 12. Established and developed since 2009, started its educational journey in cooperation with the well-known and respected District of Niagara School Board, DSBN from 2009 until 2014, & with the Toronto District School Board from 2014 to present.


The Global Citizenship statements at thuphikhongdung.vnS are the first stages of our complete curriculum. Below we have developed the definition & structure, which inform our community of the Global Citizenship ideas that uniquely prepare students for a future of changing political, social, economic, technological, and ecological landscapes. Research from both the OECD and United Nations informed the development of the knowledge, skills, values, & attitudes that we believe are necessary for students to become lifelong learners và be active global citizens.

Read More is the first và only school in Vietnam lớn currently offer the general curriculum of Ontario (Canada) for students from Junior Kindergarten lớn Grade 12.

DIEP HONG ANH Class 2019 - Boston University, USA provides students a healthy environment to lớn mature into leaders at an early age.

VU PHAM GIA UYEN (Kathie Vu Pham) Class năm nhâm thìn - University of Melbourne, nước australia

I became more confident và I stopped doubting myself. It was all because of the support, encouragement and loving I received from them. I was one of those rare kids who did not want khổng lồ leave high school because had already become home. Even when I’ve entered university, I still look forward to lớn coming back khổng lồ Vietnam và visit!

NGUYEN bầu QUYNH THU (IVY) Class 2013 - Canadian Imperial ngân hàng of Canada - CIBC, Canada

I feel that it was so privileged to lớn study at, lớn experience life overseas, to chase our dreams, và above all, lớn have the most wonderful friends. Thank for bringing us the best people we could have asked for, and for supporting us khổng lồ get this far in life!

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NGUYEN MAI DANG KHOI (Bill) Class 2018 - University of Toronto, Canada

We have such a great journey at It is amazing to lớn see that with collaboration comes greatness.

Nguyen Huu Kien Florida Institution of technology (USA), IB Class of 2017 contributes to lớn the enrichment of my knowledge và character. I had great experiences at that I will never forget.