UXO-free land new trang chủ to farmers from flood-prone areas In anticipation of this year’s flood and storm season, farmers living in the flood-prone areas have been relocated to a higher area in cat Nhon commune, Phu cát district in Binh Dinh province.

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The tactics to lớn drive a gender-inclusive circular economy Viet phái nam is striving to lớn build for the future and accelerate a green and inclusive economic rebound. Let's see how it can be done with a pointed strategy that also take into trương mục gender equality issues.

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thuphikhongdung.vn has been working closely with the Government of Viet Nam and other partners lớn expand the choices for people & ensure that everyone has equal access khổng lồ opportunities khổng lồ realize their full potential.

Our current Country Programme Document (2022-2026) is directly aligned to lớn Viet Nam’s priorities mix out in the Socio - Economic Development Strategy, supporting the Government khổng lồ accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme is guided by the thuphikhongdung.vn Strategic Plan and enhanced by the three enablers: Strategic innovation, Digitalization, and Development financing.

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Economic Recovery & Progress Toward the SDGs: Viet nam in Multiple Transformations

This report takes a broad view of the economic recovery, exploring international & domestic factors that will affect its pace và duration. It focuses on five loci of transformation: economic structure & ownership, urbanization, technological change & digitization, social change và the transformation of economic institutions. The authors argue that greater coherence and consistency in economic policy in each of these areas is needed to sustain the recovery and ensure continued progress toward the country’s economic objectives.


million people

to benefit from the new higher Multidimensional Poverty line co-developed by thuphikhongdung.vn-MOLISA

million people

received the Government's social protection packages, as a result of thuphikhongdung.vn's tư vấn on digital transformation and COVID-19 impact assessments.


have their governance assessment heard by central & local governments through PAPI survey