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VIII/ complete the passage with the words in the box


- In nước australia most children (1)..........primary school from the age of five. Only two per cent of children of primary school age are (2)............at home. Some children who go khổng lồ school always take up extra activities such as playing a (3)..............instrument or dancing, and they go to lớn private classes for these and for school (4).............they find difficult or interesting. Ninety per cent of population go on lớn (5).............school, but a much smaller percentage (6).............the final year of secondary school examination & complete a university degree. (7)............the moment university students & graduates 3d less than a third (8).............the total population. Australian universities are (9)............and well-equipped. Most teaching is (10)..............a combination of lectures

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I. There is a mistake in each of these sentences . Underline the mistake & then correct it

1. If we run out of oil , we need other kind of energy

2. If pollution will increase , more & more trees will die

3. You shouldn't eat quick , it's not good for your health

4. Hoa is studying hardly for her exams

5. I usually feel worriedly before an exam

6. They are certain that they can help us cleaning up the beach

7. I am disappointed that they did not tell us how doing it

8. He couldn't meet you because of he was busy

9. She went to bed early because her sickness

10. The pupils were divided in small groups

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Violent natural disasters have been a fact of human life since the (BEGIN)_______ of the species, but the death counts of the most ancient of these disaters are lost to history. The Merditerranean island of Stroggli, for example, is belived khổng lồ have been(COMPLETE)______ wiped out by a volcanic eruption & ensuing tsunami that eradicated the entrie Minoan (CIVILIZE)_______ around 1500 B.C. How many lives were lost? We'll never know.

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For other disaters,(HISTORY)______ can at least make estimates. The following 11 disaters are the deadliest for which reasonably accurate (DIE)_____ toll exist. The lesson? While the chaos of a natural disater can mean exact numbers are hard khổng lồ come by, earthquakes và floods are the disaters most likely to lớn kill large swaths of the population.

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cau 1 : combine these sentences , using : that , which , who , whom , whose 1 we are visiting ha long . Ha long is in the north of vietnam 2 we will meet peter tomorrow . He has brother and one sister 3 we are talking lớn vietnam . Vietnam has a population of million people 4 i should phone the man . I borrowed his oto yesterday 5 we stayed at the cau vong khách sạn . Phái mạnh recommended it to us 6 jane works for a company . It makes shoes 7 john is one of my closest friends . I have known him for a very long time 8 a pacifist is a person . He believes that all wars are wrong 9 linh giang is my neighbor . We met her yesterday 10 tp hcm city is in the north of vietnam . Hồ chí minh city is the most populous đô thị in the counry

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Combine the following pairs or groups of sentences, using relative pronouns or adverbs

1/ The woman gave me some information about the trip. I called

2/ The information helped me a lot. I found it on the internet

3/ The đô thị was beautiful. We spent our vacation there

4/ We enjoy Mexico City. We spent our vacation there

5/ The firm is sending me lớn New York. I work for this firm

6/ That company has ten employees. All of them are computer experts

7/ Where are the students? We went to their buổi tiệc ngọt last week

8/ The Rodonda square is near the cathedral. They hold a market in the Rodonda square every Sunday

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Is nước australia the world’s largest island và its smallest continent? Actually, it’s both. In fact, nước australia is the only country that is also a continent. Australia has a population of about 16.5 million. That makes this island nation one of the least densely populated countries. What ethnic groups hóa trang the Australian population? The majority of Australians are of English, Irish, Greek, Dutch, and Polish. However, over the past 50 years, some four million people from 120 countries have made australia their home. This includes a large number of Asian & Africa immigrants.

40. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. The natural resources of Australia.

B. The economic features of Australia.

C. The history of Australia.

D. The geography features of Australia.

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41. “That makes this island nation one of the least densely populated countries” means: .................................................................................

A. This nation has the most population in the world.

B. This nation has more population than other countries.

C. This nation has less population than its neighbors.

D. This nation is one of the countries that have the least population

42. The majority of Australians are of ..................................................

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A. English and Irish

B. English, Irish & Greek

C. English, Irish, Polish and Asian

D. English, Dutch, Polish, Irish và Greek

43. “Over the past 50 years, some four million people from 120 countries have made nước australia their home” means:................................................