What Is Wrong With You is a quiz that was made by a professional khổng lồ give you a 100% accurate result on what is wrong with you! Many of us wonder what the reason for our negative moments are. You often wonder why undesirable things happen to you. What is wrong with you? Why is your life in a struggle? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you doing too much of something? If you know that there is something wrong with you & you are trying khổng lồ figure out what it is, then that is what this quiz is for! What is it that is wrong with you and how can you fix it? Take this quiz now to find out!

What do you hate the most about school? I hate watching other people get bullied! I hate having to write things down! I hate being the center of attention! I hate not being able to lớn talk in class! I hate teachers telling me what to lớn do! I hate not having the classes that I want!How vì you stand? With my hands straight down. With my hands on my hips. With my arms crossed. With my arms swinging back và forth. With my hands in my mouth.

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Which of the following categories displays your favorite color? Pink/Purple. Blue/Green. White/Yellow. Red/Black. Brown/Orange. Grey.Which of the following categories displays your stereotype? Rich/Snob. Popular/Prep. Normal/Accepted. Wannabe/Poser. Emo/Gothic. Nerd/Loner.If you could replace one class in school with one thing, what would it be? (Explain) Television Class. (Where I could watch whatever I want on Television.) Computer Class. (Where I could go on whatever trang web I want.) Dance Class. (Where we would listen to lớn music và dance.) Opinion Class. (Where I can judge the people around me.) Comedy Class. (Where we would all make jokes.) Counseling Class. (Where we would all help each other with out problems.)What type of posture vì you have when you"re sitting down? Legs crossed, arms out. Legs spread, arms resting on something. One leg on đứng top of the other, arms folded. Back slanted forwards, hands on chin. Legs stretched out, arms folded. Legs straight down, arms straight down.How easy is it for you to talk lớn new people? (Explain) Very easy, I am completely sociable! Easy, I know how to lớn start a good conversation. In the middle, I will talk to lớn them if they talk first. Hard, I am shy around new people. Very hard, I will almost run away from new people!If you won a million dollars, what would you do? I would give it all away to someone who needs it. I would siêu thị at the best stores around! I would hide it, so nobody knows that I have it. I would want more, because a million dollars doesn"t go far these days. I would spend it all in one day. I would buy a few things that day.When someone who is considered nerdy talks to lớn you, how vị you respond? I give them advice on where to shop. I walk away from them. I laugh at them. I talk to them nicely. I look at them lượt thích they"re insane. I judge them.What vày you vì when you can"t have your own way? (Explain) I accept it, because I would rather give other people their own way. I vày whatever I can to lớn always get my own way. I get really mad & run away. I get nervous và wonder why I didn"t get my own way. It doesn"t bother me, because I get my own way enough. I laugh about it.How much vị you care about other people? (Explain) I go out of my way lớn help other people. I care about other people, but I care about myself more. I care a little bit about other people. I don"t care about anyone but myself.Do you ever make other people vì chưng things for you? Yes. No.

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Do you think that you are more important than other people? Yes. No.Would you rather jump around or sit around more? Jump around. Sit around.Are you sensitive? Yes. No.Would you rather have everything handed khổng lồ you or earn things? I would rather have everything handed lớn me. I would rather earn things.Do you ever interrupt people when they talk? Yes. No.Do you feel nervous around crowds? Yes. No.Do you laugh a lot? Yes. No.

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