When you showroom a network printer or run a print job, vày you get the error message “Windows can’t find a suitable printer driver” under Windows 10/8.1 or 7? A number of users report this problem on the Microsoft and printer support forum.

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You get the error message “Windows can’t find a suitable printer driver” when you try to mô tả a printer on a local network or install a printer device for the first time. This problem often occurs when trying to tóm tắt a printer between two or more computers using different bit versions of Windows (x86 vs. X64 or vice versa).

The operation could not be completed successfully (error 0x00000705). Windows cannot find a suitable printer driver. Ask your administrator for help in finding & installing a suitable printer driver.

The problem may be caused by a compatibility problem between the device và the driver. Reinstalling the printer driver with the latest version and updating the printer sharing rights will probably solve the problem.

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To fix the error message ‘Windows cannot find a suitable printer driver’

Why can’t Windows find a suitable printer driver?


Windows Update is not very effective when it comes to lớn downloading the latest driver. Sometimes you may get the error message “Windows can’t find a suitable printer driver” because the currently installed printer driver is not compatible with your version of Windows or is simply out of date. This will cause compatibility problems if you try to share the printer over the network.One of the most common reasons for the “Windows can’t find a suitable printer driver” error message is that your printer is not being shared correctly on your local network.This happens for two reasons. First, if the printer is not being used correctly with the correct permissions. Second, if there is a problem with the printer driver.

To fix the error message ‘Windows cannot find a suitable printer driver’


Restore the printer driver using Device Manager

A printer driver that can’t be found in Windows 10 may be corrupt or out of date. Fortunately, the operating system has a way khổng lồ solve these problems: the built-in device management tool is designed to lớn automatically restart problematic drivers.

First of all, you can try to lớn reinstall the printer driver through the device manager:

On your keyboard, find the key with the Windows logo and the key with the letter X and press it at the same time.Go lớn the Device Manager from the danh mục of available options và click on it.While in the Device Manager menu, select the printer from the danh sách of devices và right-click it.Select the Delete option. Confirm that you want to remove the device when the Confirm Device Removal window appears. When prompted, make sure that the option to uninstall the device driver software is deselected.Give the green light khổng lồ continue và restart your computer.The device driver will be automatically installed by Windows 10. You might even see that message.

And here’s what you need to vày to get the device manager to check that the driver software is up lớn date if the reinstall maneuver doesn’t work for you :

Press the Windows + X key combination on your keyboard.Select Device Manager from the tìm kiếm results list.The Device Manager will open. Check the device list & find your printer.Right-click on the printing device. Select the option to lớn update the driver software.Allow your operating system to tìm kiếm for the correct driver online.Agree khổng lồ install the software you found.Restart your computer & see if your problem is resolved.

The problem is that the Device Manager may not have the latest manufacturer-recommended versions of the drivers you need for your printing device. Therefore, we recommend the following method – it will certainly help you get out of the situation you are in.

Use a special tool khổng lồ solve your driving problems

The easiest và safest way khổng lồ get your drivers in shape is lớn use a reliable tool, such as a third-party driver update tool. This intuitive solution will fix and update all of your drivers, not just those related to lớn your printer. All you have to do is click a button-the tool will instantly inspect all of your drivers and walk you through the repair or update process, if necessary.

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Manually update your printer driver

This is definitely a solution for those with a high level of technical know-how & a good understanding of computer architecture. If so, you can search the internet for the printer driver you need for free. First, make sure you know all the necessary details – remember that installing the wrong driver can lead khổng lồ other problems. So double-check before deciding on any particular software.

Also, make sure that you only use reliable và safe software sources. So start your search by visiting the printer manufacturer’s official website – in particular, the tư vấn section. In addition, we highly recommend that you use a reliable security program lớn protect against malware, spyware, & viruses.

You can perform a scan using the integrated Windows Defender solution. First of all, make sure that real-time protection is activated:

Click the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm icon on the taskbar.Navigate khổng lồ the icon và click on it – the Settings tiện ích will open.Select Update and security.Go khổng lồ the Windows Security page. Then switch khổng lồ virus & threat protection.Navigate to the virus and threat protection settings.Look for the real-time protection option. Turn it on if it’s off.

And here’s how you can scan a specific item, such as your new driver installer, with Windows Defender :

Right-click on the nhà cửa you want khổng lồ scan for malware and viruses.Select the option Scan with Windows Defender.

You can also bởi vì the following:

Open the Start menu & go to lớn Settings.Select Update & Security and go khổng lồ Windows Security.Select Virus and Threat Protection.Select Run a new advanced scan.Select the Selective Scan option.Click Scan Now và select the cống phẩm you want to scan.Changing sharing permissions

If your printer driver update didn’t vì chưng anything for you, we recommend that you kiểm tra your access permissions. Let’s mix them up properly:

Open Run by pressing the Windows + R key combination.Type “control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” without quotes at the startup prompt và click OK khổng lồ bring up Devices & Printers.Locate the printer and right-click on it. Select khổng lồ display its properties.Click the Sharing tab. From there, select Edit Sharing Options.Navigate lớn the nói qua this printer option. Place a checkmark next khổng lồ it.Select the desired action name.Click Apply & OK khổng lồ confirm your changes. Close the Properties window.Use the Windows + R key combination again to launch the “Run” application.Type “control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter” (without the quotes) và click OK.The Network và Sharing Center opens. In the Network & Sharing Center, go khổng lồ the left pane and click Change advanced sharing settings.Go to the Network discovery section. Select the Enable network discovery option.Select the Enable automatic configuration of network devices kiểm tra box.Navigate lớn File và printer sharing. Select the Enable file và printer sharing option.Click the Save changes button.

Finally, restart your computer and kiểm tra if the “Windows can’t find the right printer driver in Windows 10” problem has been resolved.

Properly connect your computer khổng lồ the printer

If you’ve gotten this far, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with the connection between the printer and the computers. So it’s time to learn how to properly nói qua a printer on your local network.

First of all, kiểm tra the binary versions of the respective PCs. If your host PC & guest PC have the same version of Windows, printer sharing between them is fairly easy. However, if the guest computer’s bit version is different from the host computer’s version, things can get a little more complicated. But don’t worry: just follow the instructions on this issue – you’ll find them below – & your problem will be solved in no time.

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To kiểm tra which version of the bit is running on your PC, follow these steps:

Press the Windows hình ảnh key and the letter R on your keyboard.Check the type/name of Microsoft.System. Click OK.Go to the System section. Check your system type.