Magic Video Converter Version 12


Faster, better, more; that’s what Magic video clip Converter is all about.If you would lượt thích to get more from your videos, then the Magic đoạn phim Converter is such a powerful tool that you should not ignore. Magic video clip Converter meets all your needs for DVD CD/SVCD burning and video format converting, so that you can play your favorite movies in a variety of devices.

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This software is the only ticket you need, from raw videos to lớn any most-used video. It can convert between all video clip formats,such as AVI (DivX, XviD, etc), MPEG 1,2 và 4, QuickTime, Real Video, WMV & DVD, SVCD, VCD; The converted files can be played on your iPod, iPhone, táo bị cắn dở TV, Google Android, di động MP4, PS3, PSP và Sony WalkMan! Create movie DVDs from đoạn phim files of all supported formats lớn watch them on your home DVD player with friends và family; convert your movies in batch mode; split AVI, VCD, DVD or other videos into several ones; customizable video screen size, audio/video bitrate, frame rate , & much, much more!

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The main window of Magic đoạn clip Converter enables you khổng lồ select the files that you want to convert.

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With Magic clip Converter you can:

Convert AVI, MPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, VCD, DVD, SVCD, RMVB, RM, WMV, MOV, DIVX và other đoạn clip formats. Converted files can be played on your iPod, iPhone, táo bị cắn dở TV, Google Android, mobile MP4, PS3, PSP and Sony WalkMan.Convert your movies in batch mode.Preview videos directly in interfaceSplit AVI, VCD, DVD or other videos into several ones.Split and play videos at the same time. Burn DVD & create menu. Customize video clip screen size, audio/video bit rate, frame rate và aspect Video batch conversionWant to convert ‘Star Wars’ collection from AVI khổng lồ something you can watch on DVD player?Well, đôi mươi hours movie might take a while to convert, and you don’t want khổng lồ be sitting there watching Magic video Converter toggle the bits. So, just địa chỉ cửa hàng all AVI files you want lớn convert, go lớn bed, và the next morning DVD videos are all there waiting for you.

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How khổng lồ get Magic video Converter không tính phí license key?

1,Visit this page


2,fill the size with your name (Vorname:First name,Nachname:last name,Senden:send) and email,then click Senden.