What's the meaning of idiom "you don't say"?

I"ve heard this idiom several times. But I can"t find it in my dictionary.Some forums in my country said it means "really" or it expresses surprise, và they give me an example:

-I make it!-You don"t say!-Don"t mock me! I‘ll beat him.

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But it doesn"t fit the context of the samples I"ve encountered.For example:

A: Mr. Qian, what does he bởi vì exactly?B: Gambling, man! What bởi you think?A: Brother! You, me, and him, we"re gonna work together.I tthuphikhongdung.vn you now. We"re gonna work this out.B: You don"t say!

I feel it means "It"s obvious. You don"t need lớn tthuphikhongdung.vn me that."

Could someone be kind lớn tthuphikhongdung.vn me what exactly this idiom means?

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It basically means exactly what you say that"s super obvious or you don"t need khổng lồ even say that.

"The square root of 4 is 2" "You don"t say!"

Another one people often use to say the same thing would be calling someone captain obvious.

"The square root of 4 is 2" "Thanks Captain Obvious!"

A site lớn read for a good definition of this: You don"t say in the The free Dictionary

Look at the second definition:2.Inf. You have just said something that everybody already knows.

The first definition you might here though is the non-sarcastic one, which is a genuinely surprised response to something someone said.

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It"s merely another saying of surprise or incredulity, not meant lớn be taken literally.

Similar phrases:

Wthuphikhongdung.vn, I"ll be . Really? Wthuphikhongdung.vn, what bởi you know about that? Of course!

It can also be used sarcastically, as
Element115 notes, but that is not the principal meaning.

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The Macmillan dictionary tthuphikhongdung.vns you the idiom “You don’t say” has contradictory meanings.

used to lớn express surprise.used khổng lồ express lack of surprise.

This is because you can say “You don’t say that, vày you?” (It’s not an imperative.) in the both situations. For one unbelievably surprising, và for another one that is so obvious that it’s needless to lớn be said (i.e. saying it is unbelievable).

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Maybe you can hotline it a contranym, just lượt thích the word “virtual.”

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